Station Total Distance (km) Distance to Next Station (km) Total Ascent (m) Ascent to Next Station (m) Descent to Next Station Time Limit (hrs) Facilities
Start Urgup 0 11.2 0 352 -198 00:00
CP1 Salomon Ibrahimpasa 11.2 16.6 352 533 -449 02:00
CP2 Canon Uchisar 27.8 7.7 885 141 -372 05:00
CP3 Corendon Goreme 35.5 12.7 1026 496 -500 07:00
CP4 Yunak Evleri Cavusin 48.2 6.5 1545 339 -241 09:30
CP5 Akdag 54.7 8.3 1884 137 -120 11:00
CP6 GARMIN Urgup 63 13.5 2021 367 -314 12:30
CP7 Royal Balloon Damsa 76.5 11.3 2388 488 -359 15:00
CP8 Taskinpasa 87.8 12.9 2876 401 -403 18:00
CP9 Salomon Karlik 100.7 9.4 3277 306 -375 20:30
CP10 Tasocagi 110.1 9.7 3583 147 -324 22:30
Finish Urgup 119.8 0 3730 0 0 24:00

Rules and Regulations

1. General Information

The race starts on October 14, 2023 at 07:00 in Urgup city centre. Participants should finish the route under 24 hours in a semi-sufficient way, i.e. they should carry equipment that is necessary to ensure the safety of their run for possible weather conditions.

Cappadocia Team Games CUT is a relay trail run that takes place along the hills and valleys of the unique Cappadocia region, a UNESCO World Heritage site. The distance is about 119 km with a variation in altitude of 3730+ m.

- The team must consist of 2 members.

- Each team member is obliged to complete the sector determined for him/her.

- The first team member will run from the starting point up to the 6th checkpoint. Each runner will deliver their flag to his/her teammate who will run after him/her at the station he/she reaches.

- Other team member cannot start before the previous member arrives at their checkpoint.

- Runner who will start from the 6th checkpoint will wait for their team members in the area reserved for them and will exit this area with the approval of the referee.

- If one member will be withdrawn or will be disqualified from the race, the team will also be deemed to have withdrawn or disqualified from the race.

- Total time will be determined by adding up the individual times of the 2 runners.

- The team members of the last runner can finish the race together in the last 200 meters.

- The teams should decide which runner will run in which order and inform us via email from : info@cappadociaultratrail until October 4, 2023.

- Teams that don’t meet the team criteria will not be allowed to start.

-  1st runner will end their run at CP6 Urgup station and the starting point of the other runner will be CP6 Urgup station.

2. Participation

The event is open to anyone aged 18 and over who are in possession of either (a) a valid medical certificate, which does not expire before October 14, 2023 and indicates that the person can participate to long-distance runs, or (b) a valid license issued by athletic federation, cycling federation, orienteering federation, mountaineering federation or triathlon federation. These documents will be checked by the organization before the race. The participants should have athletic preparation and have suitable clothes for variable weather conditions and temperature differences.

3. Registration

a) Registration procedure

Only registered runners can participate in the event. Online registration at website closes on October 4, 2023 at 17:00 hrs. (TCT), or when the maximum number of 50 teams have registered.

The deadline for course change is October 4, 2023 at 17:00 hrs. (TCT). The Course change cannot be made for the course that has reached the participant limit.

To register to Cappadocia Team Games, the team leader or captain must first register by creating the "Team Name". After completing the registration process for him/her, he/she shares the unique registration link with other member which those link can be found on his/her personal page, and enables him or her to register.

There will be no gender restrictions in the 2-person team at Cappadocia Team Games CUT.

A registration cannot be transferred and the organization will not allow another person to run on behalf of a registered participant.

a) Registration fee

There are two different types of registration fees;

  • - Non-refundable registration fee: 95 Euros(For each participant)
  • - Refundable registration fee: 105 Euros (For each participant)(Full refund if the registration is cancelled before September 25, 2023).
  • - Registration fee after September 25, 2023: 105 Euros (Non-refundable).

List of Participants

Team 1.Name Surname 2.Name Surname
team 7 Funda MORKOÇ
Badgers Mehmet Tunçtürk Mehmet Altın
Yıldız Ailesi ASLI YILDIZ Zafer Yıldız
Adana Running Club CUT1 Tuğrul Peker Serkan Saktanber
BOA BURGER Melike Özdemir Boğaçhan Beyhan